Combining flexible and permanent staff excels in the organization of flexible personnel available at short notice. The combination with permanent employees? It's child's play with

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Fix personnel

You can easily enter all details about your permanent staff, such as workload, number of hours and absences, and schedule them accordingly.

Flexible staff

You ask your flexible staff about their availability and schedule them according to their availability and qualifications to complete your team.

Your customer can create requests directly in the customer portal

In the customer portal, enables your customers to create jobs themselves. These can be converted directly into projects, and your customers can see who is available and when for the planned assignments. A transparent and efficient solution that simplifies the organization process.

Enter order

When, how and where is recorded directly by the customer.

Resource requirements are specified by the customer

The customer specifies the working hours and dress code directly

Transmission of the order

Based on the details entered, customers immediately receive a detailed overview, including budget. Once submitted, the request can be opened directly as a new project and immediately forwarded by the agency to the appropriate employees.

Orders outside office hours

For urgent requests outside office hours, invitations can be sent directly to employees, with your customer selecting the appropriate employees themselves. The handling of these processes can be individually adapted for each customer.

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